Back in 2013, had no idea what MS was and if I’d ever see again. I felt extremely isolated and although I did reach out to MS Charities online, everything I saw included people much older than me. Bearing in mind back then I had no idea MS was so different person to person. This led me to be in complete denial for a long time. It took me time to truly accept my diagnosis (I’m very good at pretending).

Eventually wearing this mask everyday became tedious and I couldn’t pretend anymore. Other than my awful drug treatment journey (still traumatised), my MS has given me so much which has shaped me in to who I am today. I do still struggle but my spark is still there! Graduations, charity events including 10K runs, a mountain trek, a skydive and step challenges have kept me determined and a feeling I can’t quite describe. I feel so happy seeing newly diagnosed young people have more support and awareness now!

MS Together is vital to connect with other young people for support and hopefully feel less isolated. Incredible people, stronger together.