MS Together offers a number of different services for people affected by and living with MS, including:

  • Virtual social events
  • Informative webinars
  • In-person meet ups
  • An online support group for people aged 18-35 with additional regional support groups
  • One-to-one support services
  • Talks to organisations about MS

We also share lots of content on our social media platform which raises awareness and understanding of MS.


MS Together organises a number of virtual and in-person events for people affected by MS.

Virtual events:

Each month, we host a number of virtual social events where young adults living with MS can connect in a safe and supportive environment on zoom. These events are relaxed and informal, open to people aged 18-35 living with MS in the UK or Ireland (unless otherwise stated).

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Informative webinars

We regularly host informative webinars covering topics affecting young adults. These events involve expert speakers and people with lived experience of MS. The events usually consist of educational talks or panel discussions followed by a Q&A session. These events are open to anyone affected by MS.

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In-person meet ups

In-person events are regularly organised at various locations across the UK. These events are relaxed, informal and accessible. These events are open to people aged 18-35 living with MS in the UK or Ireland (unless otherwise stated).

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Our online support platform

Private support group (18-35)

MS together provides a private support group where young adults can connect with each other, ask questions and get advice. This platform provides a safe, supportive and private environment for people living with MS in the UK and Ireland, aged 18-35.

Members of the platform can ask questions about MS, and other members who have similar lived experience can share advice. There is also the option to post anonymously.

To become a member of the group, you must answer 3 questions to confirm your eligibility to join and agree to our membership rules.

Once you turn 35, you have the option to join an alumni 35+ group but this is not a requirement.

Regional support groups

As a member of our private support group, you can also access our Regional Groups where you can connect with people who live more locally to you.

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If you have any questions about our online support platform, please contact

Support Services

Mental Health First Aid service

We offer a one-to-one support service where anyone affected by MS can reach out to one of our volunteers who is trained in Mental Health First Aid. Our volunteers can then talk things through with you, listen to your concerns without judgement and suggest ideas that could help.

Complete the form below to put in a request for one of our volunteers to contact you. We aim to contact you within 3-5 working days.

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Please note:
This service is not an emergency service. If you need urgent emergency mental health support, please phone 111 and select option 2. You can also phone the Samaritans on 116 123.

Counselling service

MS Together has launched a pilot counselling service where people aged 18-35 living with MS in the UK and Ireland can benefit from 6 one-to-one counselling sessions for just £10 (minimum donation) per session.

If you would like to register your interest in our counselling service, please fill out this form

Please note:
This is a very limited service so registering your interest does not guarantee that you will receive counselling. The service will be offered on a first come first served basis.

Group counselling sessions – coming soon.

This service is not an emergency service. If you need urgent emergency mental health support, please phone 111 and select option 2 or phone 112 if you are in Ireland. You can also phone the Samaritans on 116 123.

Disclaimer: Roche Products Limited made a financial contribution to help us develop our support services. But they have had no input into service content, volunteer selection, delivery, or any other outputs.

Talks to organisations

We have been invited by a number of organisations to come and talk about MS and MS Together. These talks have covered the following topics:

  • What is MS
  • Symptoms of MS
  • Managing MS through treatment and lifestyle changes
  • The diagnosis process from a healthcare professional perspective and personal perspective
  • Mental health
  • MS and work
  • Support available

Find out more about our talks.

Over 35?

We understand that the majority of our services are only available to people aged 18-35 living with MS in the UK. However, we hope that even if you find MS Together when you’re 36+, you can still benefit from our public social platforms, educational webinars and the information and resources on this website. There are also some great support services with no age limit:

MS Society – has groups across the UK. You can find contact details for your local group on their website.

MS Trust group – moderate a safe, open Facebook group for anyone affected by MS to discuss life with the condition.

Asian MS – Facebook page for people affected by MS from the Asian community.

MS-UK – the Facebook page for national charity, MS-UK.

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis – forum of a charity promoting a programme of diet and lifestyle approaches to managing MS. – a social network aiming to create a positive, enabling community for people with MS.

The Black MS Foundation – provides a platform for black people and people of colour with MS to share their experiences, meet others and raise awareness.

Talks with MS – a small charity raising awareness about multiple sclerosis.