Welcome to your MS Together resource centre.

We want to try and make it as easy as possible for you, so here’s a list of great resources from other charities that the MS Together community have found useful.

**Please keep in mind that your MS nurse or neurologist is your first point of contact for medical queries and concerns; that’s what they’re there for and they’ll be happy to put your mind at ease.

Treatment Decisions The MS Trust has a tool called MS Decisions to help filter and compare the different types of disease modifying drugs (DMDs) that are available to treat relapsing MS.

MS Awareness e-learning MS-UK have created an accredited e-learning course that can help you learn more about MS and how you can support someone with MS. It takes approximately 90 minutes to two hours to complete.

MS Helpline – The MS Society and MS Trust have free helplines available to give emotional support and information to anyone affected by MS.

Counselling – MS-UK offers six sessions of counselling to help support you with MS related issues.